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not april’s fool

So it seems that I’m only motivated to post after a win. Given the name of the blog, it becomes a justifiable cause (excuse). I’m sure you’re with me on this – who wants to remember the bad moments in life raise your hand?

Some may argue that we are each the sum of our experiences. Unfortunately wisdom of this sort can only be appreciated in hindsight.

Nonetheless, it’s 3 points earned and we’ll take whatever we can get these days. And hey, should Chelsea challenge off City and make it to the FA Cup finals, we may even get a spot in Europa.

Will that be enough to hinder a summer exit from Suarez?

He’s a fighter. But with money and glory on the line, even the sweetest Kitty (that would be a Hello Kitty cookie) will break.


I was at Puteri Harbor last week as part of the travelogue series with AirAsia, and I must say for Malaysian standards, it’s very impressive!

Most of the site is still under construction but the main attractions like Hello Kitty Land, Lat’s Place and Legoland are already creating waves. Very toddler-teenage centric but I would recommend just about anyone to go check out the development and bring out the kid in you. I mean, we weren’t as lucky to have these things to entertain us while growing up, so better late than never. Then there’s Johor Premium Outlet to satisfy those shopaholic tendencies.

Will post more from my visits around Malaysia once I get all the photos from the production team.

xo Reem

building teams

I haven’t posted much on my ‘day time’ job lately with the big red flying machine that makes traveling around Asia feel like a domestic journey.

Over the weekend, some of us from Branding & Ancillary were whisked away to Phuket for a team building session which I felt eclipsed into a beach getaway with 30 friends instead of your work buddies. Nothing too surprising, as the work culture built around AirAsia injected with Tony’s personality was not meant to be too rigid or formal. As the saying goes, we work hard but play even harder.


There are few things in life worse than a 6am flight. Watching the sun rise made up for it though.


On the steps of our hotel. Way before the island’s charm turned me into little Lilo (of Lilo and stitch)

Somewhere in between checking-in and the Aston Villa match (worst. result. EVER) we rode on ATVs across a 50 acre plantation and competed in a few team building activities. Unfortunately I have no photos, since I stored all my stuff in the locker, which was a good thing since it rained 5 minutes into our ride. It was cold, it was muddy, but most of all it was fun. You haven’t lived if you haven’t done this once in your life.


Watched first 15 mins of the match in a bar at Patong. We soon left for a foot massage, saving me the agony of Benteke’s first goal.

C’est la vie.

Go on a boat ride and heal your wounded football heart.


Or have lunch by the beach with a bunch of friends


Soon enough you’ll be back up on your feet again. Or in an inflatable canoe taking silly photos


xo Reem

weekend pick-me-up

Office post!

Haven’t written much about my other ‘day’ time job over at AirAsia, so let’s dig into the details…

As previously stated, no I don’t wear those tiny red uniforms – wouldn’t do them justice anyway with my height, more like lack of it.

But it does include a lot of traveling, especially around the region. As you know AirAsia has expanded tremendously in its young 10 year history and have established offices or A.O.Cs (Airport Operator’s Certificate) in Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines and Japan. The biggest advantage of obtaining an A.O.C is the license t0 fly commercial, domestically.

For example: Airline M does not have an A.O.C in Indonesia. Thus it can fly from KL to Jakarta or KL to Bali but not Jakarta to Bali.

In essence, whatever services and products that are developed here in Malaysia has to be replicated in the various countries to capture the local market. Hence the traveling.

Will go in depth on my specific role and responsibilities in another post. One of it though, does include the occasional food testing. On today’s menu: coffee! The perfect pick-me-up after a long work week.

Won’t be long before you get to purchase a cuppa from one of the biggest coffee chains in the world (hint: not the green mermaid) on board your next flight!

Now I’m all set for the weekend!!!

Have a good one everyone 🙂
xo Reem

you’ve got mail

So most of you may know, or not, that besides being a TV host I’ve also got a day job because oh, you know… I just had too much free time on my hands.

Now I still have my hands but no time. You win some, you lose some huh?

But I’m not whining. Really I love both jobs so dearly it was hard to pick. So instead of leaving one career for the other I decided to work on both. It’s all about time management, and as the saying goes, ‘when there is a will there is a way’. You want time, you make it! (in other words, say goodbye to sleep plus your social life).

Am very fortunate that both jobs, even though in complete different industries have something in common: football!

While busy responding to emails today, this popped up in my inbox:

So sweet of them QPR boys, don’t you think? Sometimes that’s all it takes to show how much you value someone else’s efforts: thank you. 2 little words you can never say enough!

If that isn’t a dead give away to my other job – here’s a clue: it’s red, it flies, it’s really affordable and most of you have probably flown on it before.

And no, I don’t wear those tight red uniforms to work.

xo Reem