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the mourinho effect

Wherever he goes, whatever he says, whatever he does people take heed.

7 domestic league titles, 2 UCLs and 1 UEFA Cup. No less than 17 managerial awards including FIFA World Coach of the year. Oh, and let’s just throw in some records like how he hasn’t gone a full calender year without winning at least one trophy, just for the heck of it.

That’s what they call the Mourinho effect.

So when my producer texted to check if I was free to interview JM during Chelsea’s pre-season tour here in KL, I immediately replied, HELL YES!

Only to check my phone later on with a conflicting buka puasa event on that date/time with my family. Good news, y u no have good timing?!

But after negotiating with my parents (thank God they know enough football that I didn’t have to go into details about what a big deal this was) I got to sneak out of buka early for my 9pm date interview with the Special One.


Not going to lie, I was SO nervous before the interview.

Fortunately Jay had warmed him up before during her slot for Stadium Unplugged, so he was pretty light-hearted when my turn was up.

He was pleasant, professional and who would’ve thought, good humored too! We weren’t the only ones who did not expect to see this side of JM though.

The folks at UK’s Daily Mail apparently thought so too and dedicated an article based on our interview here.

Such a hash tag, proud moment to see it featured on the site I visit for my daily dose of football update. I can die now. Happily!

xo Reem

what’s up august

August is here which means only one thing. Football season is back on television! Wahayy.

To top it off, raya is exactly one week away. Double wahaaaaay! Actually I’m pretty antsy about raya being so close since both baju rayas that I ordered show no signs of being ready in time. Back up plan, Masjid India we go.

Anywho, with the 13/14 season around the corner, Football Overload is set to hit the screens again on 22nd August. And jeng jeng jeng…the secret’s out, we have a new recruit.


Film maker Reuben Kang from Jinnyboytv has already created waves behind the lens, but how will he fare in front of the camera? TSUNAMI alert!

So, what happened to that tall, hairy, Mr Bean look alike guy also known as Roshan? He’s still very much with us. You may not catch him on FO anymore, but keep your eyes peeled on all Supersport channels. He’s there somewhere. If you don’t find him, drop us a line and we’ll be sure to issue one of those missing person milk cartons out.

Aside from FO, there’ll be a slew of new shows coming up on Supersport which are going to be just plain aweeesome! Part of this awesomeness is a show called Sports Swap. The name says it all. 2 athletes from 2 different sports compete against each other in their respective sports. They’ll also compete in a 3rd neutral sport none of them plays. Winner takes all.

How do I play a role in this show? Comic relief apparently since I can’t hit a golf ball to save my life but somehow manage to almost, I repeat, almost but didn’t, hit a camera man with my killer swing.


You’d have to watch it to believe it.

Natalie from Hitz is co-hosting and we’re both like handicaps to each athlete’s game. We keep score for each of 13 episodes, and the loser faces a punishment in the end.

Quite clear who’s going to lose this one huh? Tall and graceful Nat, with her svelte and athletic build against uncoordinated, non athletic, humpty dumpty me?

I’m going to go practice my walk of shame now. Hmph!

xo Reem

a new year

How’s your new year been so far? Broke any resolutions yet? Mine are still in check, as far as not eating fast food goes. McDonalds and KFC ain’t got nothing on me!

While most might find January the equivalent of a Monday, I was pretty psyched to get back to work and start ticking off my list of 2013 goals. The blessing is in the seed they say, so kick off your year with a good beginning and the rest will follow suit.

That seed for Liverpool’s new year? Possibly Sturridge’s debut goal against Mansfield.

Danny boy could hold the key to what they’ve been lacking all season. His challenge is to make a substantial mark at Anfield, something he failed to do at previous clubs. Plus I read that Borini will be back to training this week, so that opens up our attacking options when we visit Old Trafford this weekend (oh, the nerves!!). Can’t wait!

Speaking of this weekend (13th Jan – go flood him with birthday wishes), someone from the Football Overload couch is turning a year wiser (we hope).


In true FO fashion, we made AC stand on a chair while in the middle of a very crowded restaurant and sang the birthday song. One can never be too old be bestowed with this honour.


The Supersport family who tirelessly bring you football in all its glorious forms week in and out.

Have a great week everyone!

xo Reem

fo’s back

Thursdays are back to their weird and wacky ways – back on the set of Football Overload which is just a ball (mind the pun, mind it) to record every time! Not a dull moment and I almost forgot how much fun it used to be and still is. We’ve got new additions or signings in football lingo, to the show and big, big guests lined up for the season!

Will upload behind the scenes photos in the next few posts, for now, am totally loving this Vita Fede bracelet from the kind peeps at Zalora! Rekindling my love affair with bracelets and the ‘stacks trend’ at the moment, and this does just about enough to satiate the obsession.

xo Reem

safee sali sings

There’s a reason why our national football hero is a hero.

  1. He’s the best striker not just in our generation but possibly in Malaysia’s 55 year history.
  2. He plays professionally for Indonesian Super League club Pelita Jaya.
  3. He earns a gajillion dollars for point No.2
  4. Despite point No.2 + 3 he is extremely, and I mean extremely humble, modest & down to earth on both occasions I’ve met him
  5. And wait before you go on asking, shouldn’t every hero have his own comic book? He can kick his boots back on that one. Check! Been there, done that
  6. However, the main reason he’s beats David B as the super-duper-uber-extreme golden-premier hero of all time is… *drum roll* because he sings!

*cricket sounds*

Hey, give the guy credit. He’s actually good at it and I literally swooned. Not gonna show you a picture of that. But here’s my attempt at getting him to showcase his off pitch (like off the grass, not out of tune…) talent to the world:

Make sure you tune into the new season of Football Overload coming back to your flat-LCD-LED- 3D-HD-whatever-bombastic-tech-I-can-never-keep-up-with-wide-60″ screens mid-August to watch him croon a tune!

xo Reem


‘I must start a blog, I want to start a blog, I need to start a blog, I should start a blog…’

It’s been a debate between my will vs. my lack of will power for months now.

After running out of reasons excuses to add on my ‘Reem should never blog’ list, I finally got my tush off the couch and started typing away.

Oh who am I kidding? I’m writing this in the comfort and on my very plush couch. However, the only thought swirling in my head now is, ‘I have started a blog’

*pat on the back*

why thekopsalad?

1. For the uninitiated, Kop or Kopites are what Liverpool fans are commonly referred to.
There’s even a video on how the Kop came about. Watch it here.

2. the defines salad as:


 /ˈsæləd/ Show Spelled[sal-uhd] Show IPA


any mixture or assortment. For example: The usual salad of writers, artists, and musicians attended the party.

3. the was just added for measure. the ‘cool’ measure. i try. 

Aside from that I’ve missed writing! For those who’ve known me long enough, this isn’t my first attempt at blogging. I’ve had 2 other blogs before which are still up and running but I’ve decided to put the proverbial lock and chain on it.

There are some things a lady simply must keep to herself 🙂

But most of all, thekopsalad is a tribute to those who’ve followed the work I’ve done since I started out in broadcasting, at ESPN. All the support and encouraging words I’ve received on Twitter & Facebook have not gone unnoticed!

So this blog stands as a platform for me to share a little bit more of what I do behind the scenes & it’s also a great way for me to keep in touch with all of you!

So I thank you in advance for the few minutes of your time you’ve taken and will take to accompany me on this journey. It’s gonna be one heck of a ride!

Here’s a glimpse of my journey from ESPN to Football Overload on Astro SuperSports:

With Lisa Wong on the set of SportsCenter

the cast of SportsCenter Malaysia: Reem, Luq & Lisa

Missing the ESPN family!

Debut on Football Overload on Astro Supersport Ch 811

Wacky hosts on FO from L-R: Jay, Adam & the tall, dark and handsome (??) Roshan

Guests Prem, Zher & Megan make up the house of rainbow

xo Reem