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heng mui

Hope the long weekend has put all of you in a well, jolly and rejuvenated state of mind to face the gritty grind once more.

I wish I was in a well, jolly and rejuvenated state of mind. I’ve had two cups of coffee already this morning just to keep up with the hustling! *yawn*

But that’s just the blues talking after a great weekend where I finally popped my Chinese Wedding Tea Ceremony cherry! I’ve never attended one before, usually only the wedding reception so I was pretty psyched to be a part of the groom’s entourage to ‘pick up’ or more bluntly put, ‘kidnap’ the bride.

Just a little background on the groom – Hong’s an ex school mate from Sayfol and we’ve pretty much known each other our whole lives. So it was only natural that he included girls as part of his heng dai (best men) gang.

From left: Rosie, Sophia, kopsalad, Carmen & Audrey


All dapper in our suit and tie – at 8am on a Saturday, no less – we looked like a group of sales men, lawyers, stock brokers, bankers depending on your perspective.


Since we had yellow ties on, one of the guys mentioned we looked like Maybank-ers.

The groom replied, “I don’t have a Maybank account”.

And another one answered, “That’s why we’re here!


I didn’t know what to expect of the challenges, so it was pretty nerve wrecking since I’d heard pretty horrific stories just before we got to the bride’s house. Fortunately, the challenges were on a milder scale but no less kancheong (is that how you spell it?), and heaps of fun. One of the challenges included replicating yoga poses that put some of us in very compromising positions, if you know what I mean ๐Ÿ™‚


Several challenges and bribes (for those who couldn’t complete their tasks) later Hong finally got his Chantelle! And thus officiating the hashtag #hongchantelle2013


Later on that night at #hongchantelle2013’s Disney themed wedding reception


Congrats again to the lovely couple and here’s wishing them a long prosperous life together with enough babies to make a football team!

xo Reem

jenny from the block

Don’t be fooled by the rocks that she’s got, JLo will perform for you rain or shine – living up to the phrase, ‘the show must go on’. It was crummy weather for a concert (in an uncovered stadium) but I think after Urbanscapes, Malaysians have embraced rain to incorporate colorful raincoats and wellies as an extension of their style.

The minute Miss Lopez stepped out though, it was more like, rain? what rain?

There’s no other way to put it, I loved the show. Love love love. 4 days on, I’m still trying to find a cure for the inevitable symptoms of JLo withdrawal (on loop on my phone, laptop and car).

The concert was split into 4 parts: Old Hollywood Glamour, Back to the Bronx, Love (my fave!) and Partying complete with videos and choreographed dances in transition. Every element was thoughtfully placed, and nothing was put on without purpose. Above all she mastered her connection with the audience. Sort of makes you feel you’re at a mamak having tehtarik with an old friend who’s confiding in you. Okay, maybe more like cocktails at a bar with ‘On the Floor’ playing in the background.

There was plenty of entertainment, pyrotechnics, confetti, eye candy (omg her dancers are hotter than the hottest hot I’ve ever seen – *swoon*), energy and not forgetting booty action!! The lady can move! Her energy levels are insane.

Oh I could go on singing praises about her but here are a couple of snapshots from the concert;




Although the concert’s known as the Dance Again World Tour, its underlying theme was essentially, love. In between songs, she asked the audience what is love, what it means when you find it, and what it personally meant to her.


About an hour into her set, she delivered a moving performance of ‘Until It Beats No More’ set against a video backdrop of her playing with her twins and gushed that โ€œshe finally found true loveโ€. So sweet! We love you JLo, we do. Wouldn’t put on a RM8 plastic raincoat or ruin our sandals walking in mud otherwise.


xo Reem

baby madu

Have any of you attended a baby shower before? If you’re above 25 chances are you’ve been to a few already by now and if you haven’t, go crash one (please don’t quote me on that, I refuse to be held responsible when a hormone enraged woman comes after you).

They’re extremely fun, not to mention funny (one of the girls actually strained her neck and took a Panadol from laughing too hard). If anything baby showers are just an excuse to gather your closest girl friends and act silly before you lose them forever upon baby arrival.

Our very own Hunny or better known to the world as Hunny Madu, is about to undergo a life changing experience from peace to no sleep, smelly diapers and shrill screaming all day everyday in just a few weeks so we thought we’d throw her a special going away party before the storm hits. Since she’s weird, wacky and acts like a monkey it was only apt that the shower was themed Animal Safari.

One of the games we played was Kiss the Owl. How it works is that, an owl is passed around the table and each person had to kiss a part of the owl and remember where they kissed it. Simple right? Here’s the punchline: Hunny now becomes the owl! So wherever you kissed the owl earlier, you now have to do the same on the mummy to be. Needless to say, there were a few lip locking and bum kissing involved.

And no baby shower is complete without some diaper action! Which I graciously lost, I might add.

Animals of the enchanted Madu Forest

Funny how ‘ROARRR!’ was behind the owl instead of the panther. Or just art imitating life? She is the feisty one. I’m just a little kitty. Peace!

Told you she was a monkey. M for monkey, not madu.

Hehe. Monkey with the biggest heart. Baby madu is going to be one lucky girl. We’re counting down the days!

xo Reem

a moment on the lips

Now, I may love raya but my hips on the other hand, have other ideas come this time of the year.

No matter how much cardio/weight/resistance training I do to combat the dreaded flabs – my hips insist on giving Bibendum (yes, the Michelin tyre mascot has a name!) a run for his money. But let’s be honest here, I’ve probably only visited the gym twice in the past month in the midst of work, travel, events and open houses!

On the other hand, house visiting is the best time to catch up with friends and acquaintances you haven’t met in awhile. It’s like hitting 2 birds with one stone. Or 23 friends. Or 4297 family members.

I always anticipate seeing what everyone turns up in. It’s like a fashion runway with all the pretty colorful chiffons, beads and patterns floating amidst the food and chatter. Exhibit A:

You might recognize celeb blogger Proudduck (her musings are simply hilarious, I love reading them!), who’s married to one of my closest friend’s brother. In KL, 2 degrees of separation is the new 6. Everyone is somehow directly connected, so be careful what you doooo ๐Ÿ˜‰

On to Exhibit B: Always wear those big spacious kaftans. They’re comfy enough to fit in as much rendang into your bellies yet stylish enough to pull off that effortless cool look.

And if you’re lucky, you’ll stumble upon the king of fruits at one of the houses and insist on taking group shots like these:

xo Reem