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wedding weekend

Who doesn’t love weddings?!

I can see a lot of guys rolling their eyes at the mention of the word, but I’m one of those girls who’s a total ‘happily ever after’ advocate at heart. *evil stares at Disney*

It gets especially emotional when one of your oldest friends to date – 24 years and counting! – gets hitched. That kinda friendship is no joke. I met Jasmine back in kindergarten in Sayfol and were really close throughout primary and secondary school. Although she’s moved to Melbourne since graduation, and we hardly see each other throughout the years, save from rare catch up sessions when she’s back in KL or I’m in Melb, our bond is hard as rock!


I was more than honoured to be one of her bridesmaids for their ceremony at Ciao Ristorante, with a gorgeous backdrop of the lake and RSGC.

I’m so smittened by this place, I’m considering stealing the venue for my own big day (if the day ever comes!).


Stunning view isn’t it!

With the 3 other bridesmaids, all from Sayfol, all I’ve pretty much known for life


Of course being the most graceful person on earth, while walking down the aisle I nearly lost my balance upon entering the glass house. This was snapped a split second after I recovered from the near tip over. Close call!




Such a touching wedding with simple but heartfelt vows exchanged. Not a dry eye in the room when Kevin and Jasmine professed their love and lifetime commitment to one another.

I was picturing Donald Duck the whole time to keep myself from wailing. Seriously. How attractive is it to have one of the ladies lined up with the bridal entourage up there crying when vows are being exchanged. Thank you DD.

Congrats to the lovely newlyweds!

I expect a bun or two in the oven when I visit you in Melbourne next year!!

xo Reem

of friends and food

Caught up with my friends from school the other day over Ramadhan buffet but boy, was it hard to pick a date that everyone was free let alone a place to eat.

Some of the messages on our Whatsapp group of about 15 people were:

‘I’m on call again’

‘Not well – lets do it next week’

‘I can’t Tues, Wed & Thurs – working late’

‘No! I want Western food please!’

After over 20 years knowing half these people (most of us started in Sayfol from kindergarten up til graduation) we’re still the indecisive bunch we always were. This happens everytime we plan a large gathering! I’m going to break that habit and call the shots next time. Be there or be square people!!! Please be there, please?

It took us about an hour to decide the who, when and where.

In the end only 6 of us could make it to the buffet at Makan Kitchen, Double Tree

Food was spread out over truly traditional kampung decor

Some of the dishes we generously gorged down:

…and when the food couldn’t fit into our tummies anymore it went to our heads. we ended up doing this:

sigh, cannot take these people to fancy restaurants *shakes head*

half an our later, we got our sanity back in time for a group shot. this one goes into the photo album

xo Reem