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new host

Wasn’t it just yesterday we celebrated the new year and now it’s March already???

As a professional in the field of procrastination, I say with full credibility that while you’re telling yourself there’s a tomorrow to do the things you should’ve done today, someone else who has more will and less ADHD has already gone ahead and done the deed. You then will sulk, gripe and whimper, “but I had that idea first”. To which no one really cares, because honestly everyone has their own version of this story on top of other first world problems like how slow the wifi at this cafe is.
But dude, you didn’t even start. Moral of the story, that first step is the beginning to a thousand more.
My next step with thekopsalad is, well… that will be revealed when the time is right. For now though, I’ve moved hosting sites and modified the design a little. Hope you like the new look that’s still in line with everything minimalistic. Monochrome never goes out of style!
This will by my last post on the WordPress hosting site. To those who’ve subscribed to my blog before (WordPress), you may need to re-subscribe on the new one in order to continue getting alerts: or
Thanks for all the support throughout the years!
xo Reem


We are all guilty of being a little too passionate sometimes.

Armed with a keyboard whether on the MacBook or latest smartphone, it’s like Grace Kelly never existed. Because like her namesake, she was one of the classiest, most graceful people that ever lived.

Football is no stranger to this graceless passion, with the religious equivalent of holier than thou attitudes. Case in point:

‘Oh you’ll never win anything’

‘You’re just a pretty face, you know that right? I can’t take you talking about football seriously (in other words, a girl)’

‘There are more diehard fans, aside from you, that deserve to be at the World Cup’

‘Never see you tweet like this about cunt McMahon. It’s never your fault, always the victim.’

In summary, I’m a jaded Liverpool fan because they’ve never won like anything, ever. I’m a girl therefore I can’t enjoy, watch or God forbid have an actual job talking about football.

Literally calling Paul Parker ‘harsh’ after his comments on Rodger’s terrible management skills (this after finishing 2nd last season), means I’m a victim.


It amuses me more than anything that people can be so hateful, especially on a public platform. Didn’t your mom teach you not to say anything at all if you don’t have anything nice to say? Tsk tsk. You won’t be winning anyone’s heart that way.

Detox, take a happy pill and be an amazing fan your team can be proud of, it is called the beautiful game after all.


My happy pill

xo Reem

pandelela rinong

Bronze and silver are the new gold, I tell you.

Was going to put up a post tonight about the hectic week I just had, but I’d do no justice to this fine young lady if I waited that long.

Olympic fever got to a record high this morning when the nation woke up to find that Pandelela just won a bronze in the Women’s 10m Platform.

Not just any bronze medal. A historic one at that.

The petite Sarawak-ian is the first Malaysian woman to win an Olympic medal and the first medal outside of badminton.

CONGRATULATIONS PANDELELA! We’re so proud of you, and extremely happy for you. Bask in every glory in this moment, girl! You deserve it for your hard work & fighting spirit (her first dive scored only 58.50 which put her in 10th position). Congrats to the coaches and staff of the national diving team too 🙂


Credit to The Star for the picture – I wouldn’t have been stable enough to take this photo even if I were in London. I’d be too excited, jumping around celebrating her win!

xo Reem

lee chong wei cinches silver & adds malaysia to medal tally at london 2012

Now that’s a copy that should be making headlines.

Correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t this 2nd silver medal of the games (+ Beijing ’08) make him the most successful Malaysian Olympiad, ever?

I speak for all Malaysians when I say this: We are EXTREMELY PROUD of you LCW! No medal can quantify how you’ve brought the nation together tonight. You’re an inspiration and a national hero.

LCW fought his match right up til the last point and never gave up. It was probably one of his best games against Lin Dan – who I’ve now likened to the Ronaldo of badminton. Super at his game but also super arrogant. Good guys always finish last, and this scene was simply heartbreaking to watch:

Followed by an even more heartbreaking tweet from his official account:

Heroes shouldn’t say sorry, and quite frankly there are other people *coughpoliticianscough* out there who should be apologizing for screwing up the country.

So he didn’t get Gold, and we didn’t hear Negaraku played in London. Or free ice-cream (not funny how many people were seriously upset about this, of all things!!)

You’re still a LEGEND Mr Lee, and here’s how I’d like to remember you by:

42 titles & ranked World No.1 for 199 consecutive weeks

xo Reem