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time out

Work has been taking up a lot of my time these days. I say that as a fact, not a complaint.

I guess this is the story of our lives, especially right now when we’re still considerably young and at our prime. I mean, we can’t be grinding this hard at 50. Or can we?

Not wanting to feel left out, since everyone with a 9-5 had a long break last week with Federal Territory and Thaipusam, I decided to take a little time out myself. Radio does not give us the luxury of public holidays, and I hadn’t had a weekend off since the New Year.

Singapore had to suffice for for my little break. It’s only a 45 minute plane ride away, and the added bonus was I would be able to catch up with my merlion dwelling friends.


Checked in to the St Regis. The lifts were so slow, but I think that was by intent.

Like the ride itself was supposed to be an experience. The other lifts even had sofas in them, but I was too busy ‘experiencing’ sitting in the lift I forgot to take a selfie.



Caught up with my friends and carb loaded on truffle fries (we ordered 1.2kg worth of fries!!!) and date pudding

IMG_1194 IMG_1197

The following day I stayed in the hotel ALL day, and booked myself a spa session.

BEST MASSAGE EVER! Seriously, if you ever visit Singapore please, please stop by the Remede Spa at St Regis and request for a customised massage by Cat. Best decision of my life!


A slightly healthier option after that carb fest. But just couldn’t say no to french brioche ;p


As if the spa session wasn’t enough, I put on some jazz music and soaked in the tub until my fingers wrinkled


YUP, I was in the tub until 1.30am. Right up to the Chelsea vs City match

Oh what a weekend! Short and sweet with friends, spa and watching football in a tub.

Doesn’t get any better than that!

xo Reem


I have an irrational fear of public speaking.

That’s probably an understatement. I should be am the poster child for speech anxiety.

Wait a minute. Um, isn’t speaking in and to the public what I do for a living?? Yes my friends, the universe has a sick sense of humor.

Unlike many in this industry, and by this I mean the media, I didn’t get in it for fame. That is the last, if at all, on my list of things to achieve.

Bliss for me is sitting in my little corner of oblivion, fluttering through life unnoticed.

The sight of girls whoring their bodies on Instagram to gain a following, is cringe-worthy-maximus, but then I ask myself can I blame them? They’re simply feeding the shallow demands of human nature.

I did want to be in the media. Just not in front of the camera.

My creative juices crave an outlet for expression and that was always going to be through writing, directing or producing. The universe had other plans of course, because when I went for an interview at ESPN, they asked me to audition as an anchor despite having zero prior experience. I got the part, and so the story continues.

Back to this irrational fear!

I can talk to a mic for radio, I can talk to a camera for TV.

But my mind literally goes blank when there’s any more than 3 pairs of eyes looking back at me, hanging on the words spilling out of my mouth. My thought process goes something like:

“They’re judging how I speak. Are my facial expressions weird?”

“I’m not articulate”

“My voice is funny. I’m definitely NOT funny. Is that why they’re not paying attention?”

“What if I just passed out right now? Now, that would be funny!”

The voices in my head have a life of their own.

Let’s just say, the very first emcee job I got years ago for a car company I shall not mention, totally bombed. I was throughly prepared with my scripts, cue cards and had all the information I needed. I just didn’t have the guts. And that ladies and gentlemen is 90% of what you do need when hosting an event. I had zero. No, I had minus 193.

I was a nervous wreck. I stuttered, my sentences hung mid air, my voice wasn’t loud enough and half the time I was just lost. It’s safe to say they never called me back for another event.

Fortunately for me though, other companies did.

Practice, hard work and of course experience, eventually calmed down the voices in my head. I stopped worrying about how I looked or sounded, and focused more on being relatable. I learnt that if you talk to an audience like you’re talking to one friend, you naturally warm up to everyone in the room. At the end of the day, it’s about the experience and how you make people feel as opposed to what’s on the outside (says the girl who takes 2 hours to get ready for an event).

I never thought I’d see the day when I can say, I hosted 3 events last week. What a difference a day, years if you’re a late bloomer like me, makes.


Not going to lie, those voices in my head still pop up from time to time but mostly just moments before I go on stage. Once I’m up there, you’re going to have to yank the mic away or even remind me about the agenda because I can’t stop talking and go off tangent.


What can I say, I’m either black or white, up or down. No room for grey area in my world. Go big or go home, right?


How does one become funny though? Do you just inhale funny air?

Someone needs to lend me a sense of humor. Wait, the universe, you’re funny right?

I got my rocket ready and I’m coming for you.

xo Reem

3 months short of a year

…since my last post. What a difference (almost) a year makes.

I’ve often thought about the varying ways I’d recap my experiences since the wedding weekend below. It’s been way way too long. Readers of this blog would simply feel the massive chasm that no amount of #throwbacks would do the series of events justice. And those series of events since my last post, was possibly THE most incredibly-unbelievably-irreplaceable milestones of my career. Like being named LFC TVs official Malaysian reporter. Meeting Zlatan. WORLD CUP 2014 in BRAZIL!!!

As you can see I have amazing knack for timing. Oh, the irony.

Despite my absence from thekopsalad, as those of you who follow me know, I have not disappeared from the great big world wide web entirely. All is not lost.

I’m not going to put any pressure on myself to “write frequently”. If I’m being sentimental, need a larger platform to note down my thoughts and have the luxury of time to type them out, thekopsalad remains a safe space (much like that gym membership I have yet to cancel just in case I feel like going – my last visit was 3 months back). Some may call it a little indulgent. But like that scoop of Baskin Robbin’ Pralines & Cream or your favourite slice of chocolate cake, some pleasures in life should be just that. A pleasure. Let nobody trip you into that pit of guilt. At least until the day those size 24 skinny jeans no longer fit.

For more frequent updates, or in case of an emergency (like that Suarez bite) I can be found at:




2014-07-24 12.55.32


I hate goodbyes. Can’t wait for BPL to start again

xo Reem

what’s up august

August is here which means only one thing. Football season is back on television! Wahayy.

To top it off, raya is exactly one week away. Double wahaaaaay! Actually I’m pretty antsy about raya being so close since both baju rayas that I ordered show no signs of being ready in time. Back up plan, Masjid India we go.

Anywho, with the 13/14 season around the corner, Football Overload is set to hit the screens again on 22nd August. And jeng jeng jeng…the secret’s out, we have a new recruit.


Film maker Reuben Kang from Jinnyboytv has already created waves behind the lens, but how will he fare in front of the camera? TSUNAMI alert!

So, what happened to that tall, hairy, Mr Bean look alike guy also known as Roshan? He’s still very much with us. You may not catch him on FO anymore, but keep your eyes peeled on all Supersport channels. He’s there somewhere. If you don’t find him, drop us a line and we’ll be sure to issue one of those missing person milk cartons out.

Aside from FO, there’ll be a slew of new shows coming up on Supersport which are going to be just plain aweeesome! Part of this awesomeness is a show called Sports Swap. The name says it all. 2 athletes from 2 different sports compete against each other in their respective sports. They’ll also compete in a 3rd neutral sport none of them plays. Winner takes all.

How do I play a role in this show? Comic relief apparently since I can’t hit a golf ball to save my life but somehow manage to almost, I repeat, almost but didn’t, hit a camera man with my killer swing.


You’d have to watch it to believe it.

Natalie from Hitz is co-hosting and we’re both like handicaps to each athlete’s game. We keep score for each of 13 episodes, and the loser faces a punishment in the end.

Quite clear who’s going to lose this one huh? Tall and graceful Nat, with her svelte and athletic build against uncoordinated, non athletic, humpty dumpty me?

I’m going to go practice my walk of shame now. Hmph!

xo Reem

let’s try this again

I’ve missed the kopsalad. Like, “one day we were BFFs and the next strangers” kind of miss, which I’m sure most people have felt at least once in their lives.

At the point I stopped updating, I was going through not just 2 separate jobs with two separate crazy demands but also free lancing opportunities outside your average 9 – 5 including nights, weekends and all that. If I was an entrepreneur, business was way good!

And when that wound down, I thought a treat was in the works. Some serious me time was due and I ran (flew) half way round the world for 3 weeks to recuperate. I thought being a kid again would do the trick (it did. Thanks Disney World!).

After the trip, more than 2 months had passed since my last update back in April. How time flies! Everyday that passed with no blogging, it became pretty clear I was never going to log into WordPress ever again. Outta sight outta mind syndrome. Although, that nagging feeling of remorse from abandoning a much loved project did creep up when least expected.

Excuse the drama, but having a blog is like being in a relationship, I tell you! It screws up with your emotions when you don’t update but it’s a double rainbow feeling of accomplishment when you do. It’s nice to have an outlet for expression.

Just about a week ago I got an email alert on my phone from WordPress with the subject: Domain will be auto-renewed

That’s USD$26 charged straight to my credit card. Which I could’ve cancelled. But I didn’t.

Like all love-hate relationships, I have a soft spot for this little space I can call mine on the world wide web. So I’m all for milking the most of my hard earned USD$26. If not, at least it’s somewhere I can whine about how little loyalty some people have. Like footballers.


By now you should know, I mean Suarez.

xo Reem

getting back into action

Okay, so to you it must have seemed that I’ve packed up my Mac and completely disappeared from the big wide blogosphere; never to type and share another rant or glory of my daily doings ever again. Well you’re wrong my critics!

I have been MIA in writing, yes. Did procrastination play a role? Guilty 😦

But that’s just a little, I promise.

Aside from my day job and Thursdays on Football Overload, I’ve started working on a new travel web series which will be released in a few months. I’ve just been bursting inside to talk about this travelogue, but decided it’d be best not to reveal too much before we were at least halfway through production.

I haven’t really had time to digest the events that have taken place the past few weeks, let alone to share it here on kopsalad, although, trust me, it’s always at the back of my mind. If you know of some magic spell or just you know, a smart phone app or something to remind me tomorrow is not a suitable day for doing things that need to be done today, pleeeeease share.

On the subject of sharing, I’d just like to share one of my favourite photos at the moment.


I was totally overboard with my “OMGs” when I saw it. Lana Del Rey was at Anfield! With Stevie G! As if her music alone wasn’t enough for me to love her.

Although not as much as I loved that match winning penalty by the captain himself.

xo Reem

building teams

I haven’t posted much on my ‘day time’ job lately with the big red flying machine that makes traveling around Asia feel like a domestic journey.

Over the weekend, some of us from Branding & Ancillary were whisked away to Phuket for a team building session which I felt eclipsed into a beach getaway with 30 friends instead of your work buddies. Nothing too surprising, as the work culture built around AirAsia injected with Tony’s personality was not meant to be too rigid or formal. As the saying goes, we work hard but play even harder.


There are few things in life worse than a 6am flight. Watching the sun rise made up for it though.


On the steps of our hotel. Way before the island’s charm turned me into little Lilo (of Lilo and stitch)

Somewhere in between checking-in and the Aston Villa match (worst. result. EVER) we rode on ATVs across a 50 acre plantation and competed in a few team building activities. Unfortunately I have no photos, since I stored all my stuff in the locker, which was a good thing since it rained 5 minutes into our ride. It was cold, it was muddy, but most of all it was fun. You haven’t lived if you haven’t done this once in your life.


Watched first 15 mins of the match in a bar at Patong. We soon left for a foot massage, saving me the agony of Benteke’s first goal.

C’est la vie.

Go on a boat ride and heal your wounded football heart.


Or have lunch by the beach with a bunch of friends


Soon enough you’ll be back up on your feet again. Or in an inflatable canoe taking silly photos


xo Reem


Can’t believe this is only my first entry in Movember, the month formerly known as November.

Movember may be a cultural phenomenon for men to grow out their moussies (formerly known as moustache – no, not really, i just made it up) but for yours truly, it’s literally the month to ‘move-it, move-it…’.

I’ve been moving it up the past week from Sabah to Manila – a separate post for later, just to provoke those with obsessive chronological compulsive disorders – to Bangkok and then Jakarta. Which explains the lack of updates.

In aviation terms, the past week for me looks something like this: KUL-SDK-KUL-CRK-KUL-DMK-KUL-CGK-KUL.

Have I lost you yet? Those letters/initials put together to confuse you are simply standard world airport codes.

In an attempt to achieve a sense of purpose while getting out of my 10km rut, plus the opportunity to run in unfamiliar terrains – I jumped at the opportunity when our culture team (Human Resources) invited me to run for MAA (Malaysia AirAsia) in Bangkok.

Thai AirAsia recently moved (there goes that word again) its operations and services from Suvarnabhumi (BKK) to Don Mueang (DMK) in its efforts to maintain operations at a low cost. So what’s the best way to raise awareness for this big move? An even BIGGER fun rally!

No other airline, in fact no other company that ever came to be does fun the way AirAsia does. NONE.

The rally route began at Suvarnabhumi Airport and progressed along the Airport Rail Link (Suvarnabhumi to Phaya Thai), connected to the BTS Skytrain (Phaya Thai to Mo Chit), included an RC hunt game at the Chatuchak Train Yard (I almost threw in the towel here. The glittering markets had my name all over them) and ended with a 12.9km (we did our own calculations and our pacers all recorded 14.9km) marathon from the yard, down Vipavadee Road to the finish line at AirAsia’s counter at Terminal 1 of Don Mueang Airport.

In Thailand, this is how you dress when running:

We obviously didn’t get the memo. ‘We’ the reps from Indonesia AirAsia & MAA

While about 1000 odd runners were warming up before the race, we thought it’d be better to conserve our energies and play fashion police instead.

‘She’s running in 4-inch heels? Crazy!’

‘Did she eat make-up for breakfast or what?? It’s starting to grow on her face’

‘Is she even a she?’

Soon after the race took off, we were full of optimism happily snapping photos away

After about the 3rd km, my photos started looking like this, having lost all equilibrium:

1528283 hours later, we crossed the finish line! *beams proudly* (still haven’t found equilibrium at this point)

On my bucket list: Run 14.9km. Check!

Visit (Soi) Cowboy town? Check!

Er, there were no horses in this town. Only horse noises that don’t come from actual horses. Leave the rest to your imagination.

Found my equilibrium though!

xo Reem

borneo sevens

There’s something about men and balls.

The sporting kind, snap back to reality, this is somewhat your typical family friendly blog written by a girl.

This general fixation with all things round have you guys chasing, hustling, kicking, hitting, bouncing and largely fighting (in every sense of the word) each other to essentially prove who has the biggest *ahem* balls. This time I refer to the junk.

I’m sure there is an existential theory out there that has some proven relativity to this ongoing obsession, but I’ve decided long ago that there’s a huge probability I got some version of testosterone that relishes field balls just as much.

Football’s a given, and a few others I favor include tennis, basketball and rugby. Which isn’t basically American football without the pads. I don’t consistently watch rugby aside from the bigger events, and when I do, I usually wonder why I don’t make it a habit to watch it more often. The set plays and formation are lovely to watch. It may seem like an oxymoron with the amount of contact in the sport, however the passing in reverse laterals come off as somewhat, graceful.

So I had the pleasure of working over the weekend covering the action packed Borneo Sevens International Club Tournament hosted by the Sandakan Rugby Club, home of the Borneo Eagles and Sabah Eagles.

The team hard at work to bring live streaming of the entire tournament. They did such a brilliant job, so proud of them! All I did was finish those pack of Chipsmore cookies you see on the table there. Now you see it, now it’s in Reem’s tummy.

My vantage point

One of my most favourite pictures ever, that I took on my iPad *pat on back*

The Borneo Eagles were runners up in the competition, second only to the Fijian club Daveta.

I even managed to get Adam (also known as ACDC) to put on a my favourite piece of clothing. How? Now that story deserves a whole other post. If I ever feel the need to justify it. Because essentially, no one and I mean no one, needs a reason to don a Liverpool top.

xo Reem


Does anyone else remember growing up watching ‘The Price Is Right’ game show on TV, back in the day when Astro was a mere morsel of idealistic thought in someone-who’s-now-a-billionaire’s mind? If I’m not mistaken the show is still running in the States.

I used scream at the TV (much like one does when watching football) along with the contestants to guess the value of the items which range from cars to holidays packages.

What does the game show have to do with anything? Nothing really. Just that it popped into my mind  when I was invited to be one of the faces of ‘Priced’, a brand new coupon booklet that will be released in the market soon.

That’s my best impression of the models on the Price Is Right, as you can see, I was totally inspired.

They say that you are the sum of your experiences. My mum should be proud at all the times I maxed our her credit cards as it has prepared me for this role – the discerning shopper (for today, at least).

Members of the ‘Priced’ family

The coupons on Priced are based on 1-for-1 offers for products and services from well established brands. It’s all about saving money and maximizing your dollar. Coupons are so popular these days that even celebrities like Khloe Kardashian and Sarah Michelle Gellar are doing it!

Little Zara by far stole the show. She’s such a natural talent with the camera, making the rest of us look like amateurs. But I bet you can’t beat my shopping ways little darling. Not at least until you turn 12.

xo Reem