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We are all guilty of being a little too passionate sometimes.

Armed with a keyboard whether on the MacBook or latest smartphone, it’s like Grace Kelly never existed. Because like her namesake, she was one of the classiest, most graceful people that ever lived.

Football is no stranger to this graceless passion, with the religious equivalent of holier than thou attitudes. Case in point:

‘Oh you’ll never win anything’

‘You’re just a pretty face, you know that right? I can’t take you talking about football seriously (in other words, a girl)’

‘There are more diehard fans, aside from you, that deserve to be at the World Cup’

‘Never see you tweet like this about cunt McMahon. It’s never your fault, always the victim.’

In summary, I’m a jaded Liverpool fan because they’ve never won like anything, ever. I’m a girl therefore I can’t enjoy, watch or God forbid have an actual job talking about football.

Literally calling Paul Parker ‘harsh’ after his comments on Rodger’s terrible management skills (this after finishing 2nd last season), means I’m a victim.


It amuses me more than anything that people can be so hateful, especially on a public platform. Didn’t your mom teach you not to say anything at all if you don’t have anything nice to say? Tsk tsk. You won’t be winning anyone’s heart that way.

Detox, take a happy pill and be an amazing fan your team can be proud of, it is called the beautiful game after all.


My happy pill

xo Reem


Does anyone else remember growing up watching ‘The Price Is Right’ game show on TV, back in the day when Astro was a mere morsel of idealistic thought in someone-who’s-now-a-billionaire’s mind? If I’m not mistaken the show is still running in the States.

I used scream at the TV (much like one does when watching football) along with the contestants to guess the value of the items which range from cars to holidays packages.

What does the game show have to do with anything? Nothing really. Just that it popped into my mind  when I was invited to be one of the faces of ‘Priced’, a brand new coupon booklet that will be released in the market soon.

That’s my best impression of the models on the Price Is Right, as you can see, I was totally inspired.

They say that you are the sum of your experiences. My mum should be proud at all the times I maxed our her credit cards as it has prepared me for this role – the discerning shopper (for today, at least).

Members of the ‘Priced’ family

The coupons on Priced are based on 1-for-1 offers for products and services from well established brands. It’s all about saving money and maximizing your dollar. Coupons are so popular these days that even celebrities like Khloe Kardashian and Sarah Michelle Gellar are doing it!

Little Zara by far stole the show. She’s such a natural talent with the camera, making the rest of us look like amateurs. But I bet you can’t beat my shopping ways little darling. Not at least until you turn 12.

xo Reem